The Perfect Shirt by Hawkins & Shepherd

This is how we tailor our shirts:

Weaves explained


Poplin: The lightest cotton weave. Poplin has a simple, uncomplicated, close-thatched finish which makes it an office favourite all year round. It is cool to the touch and breathes easily. On the off-chance your office doesn’t give you a paid summer vacation, a light Poplin weave shirt will be your best bet.



Twill: Another basic weave type is 'twill' with its distinctive diagonal pattern. Hardier than the plain or poplin shirts, yet still smart and easier to iron, this weave is your office wardrobe workhorse during the cooler months.



Herringbone: Is a sturdy variety of twill weave. Un-cryptically named, since the pattern of the weave mimics the skeleton of a herring, herringbone is also aptly more water-resistant than its less aquatically named cousins. It has a shiny, ‘clean’ finish and is hardier than simpler weaves.



Oxford: The Oxford or Panama weave is used for more casual shirts. It's also thicker, and thus warmer, than Poplin or Twill. For a hardier shirt try its more titled cousin, the Imperial Oxford.



Pinpoint: The pinpoint weave is a lighter, more breathable variation of the Oxford. A popular weave for casual shirts in spring or summer.