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Pin Collar Shirt - Black Curve Collar

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Body Colour Black
Body Pattern Plain
Collar Colour Black
Fit Slim Fit
Collar Type Pin Collar Penny Curve
Cuff Double Buttoned with Curved Edges
Fabric Material 100% Cotton
Fabric Yarn Count 2/100s x 2/100s
Buttons Mother of Pearl

    Experience the perfect fusion of vintage elegance and modern flair with the signature Pin Collar Shirts from Hawkins & Shepherd. Each shirt, meticulously crafted, showcases our unique collar bar design, adding a dash of sophistication that sets our shirts apart.

    The term 'pin collar shirts' doesn't just refer to a style but a distinct sartorial statement, one that embodies the wearer's discernment and taste. With the inclusion of our unique collar bar, we elevate this classic style into a contemporary masterpiece. Each collar bar shirt is designed not only to enhance your ensemble but to tell a story of exquisite craftsmanship and attention to detail.

    Whether paired with a crisp suit or worn more casually, the pin collar shirt with its distinctive collar bar is a versatile piece that easily transitions from office to evening, setting the style-conscious man apart from the crowd. Trust in Hawkins & Shepherd to deliver exceptional quality and timeless style with our Pin Collar Shirts. Your wardrobe will thank you.

    Select Size: 14.5
    Select Size: 14.5

    Product information

    Men's Formal Shirts  - (Slim Fit)

    Size Collar (cm's) Chest (cm's) Shoulders (cm's) Back (cm's) Sleeves (cm's)
    14.5" 37 103.6 43 80.5 64.5
    15" 38 108.6 44 81 65
    15.5" 39 113.6 45 81.5 65.5
    16" 41 118.6 46 82 66
    16.5" 42 123.6 47 82.5 66.5
    17" 43 128.6 48 83 67
    17.5" 44 136.6 49 83.5 67.5


    Men's Casual Shirts - (Slim Fit)

    Size Collar (cm's) Chest (cm's) Shoulders (cm's) Back (cm's) Sleeves (cm's)
    S 38 108.6 44 81 62
    M 39 113.6 45 81.5 62.5
    L 41 118.6 46 82 63
    XL 42 123.6 47 82.5 63.5


    Men's 'Classic' Formal Shirts - (Regular Fit)

    Size Collar (cm's) Chest (cm's) Shoulders (cm's) Back (cm's) Sleeves (cm's)
    14.5" 37 104 46 79 62
    15" 38 110 47 80 63
    15.5" 39.5 116 47.5 81 63.5
    16" 41 122 48.5 82 64
    16.5" 42 129.5 48.5 83.5 64.5
    17" 43 133 49 84.5 65
    17.5" 44 137 49 85 65.5



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    To ensure that your Hawkins & Shepherd garments remain as exquisite as the day you purchased them, we provide the following care instructions:

    100% Cotton Shirts:

    Although dry cleaning is our recommended method, these premium cotton shirts can also endure machine washing at a cool-warm temperature of 30 to 40 degrees Celsius to preserve their vibrant colour. For optimal care, consider using a Delicates or Hand-Washable setting to reduce the strain on the fabric.

    Prior to washing, please remember to remove any collar stays. Once washed, let the shirt air dry naturally and iron inside out whilst it's slightly damp. This method is most effective at reducing creases.

    Cashmerello Shirts:

    Our Cashmerello Shirts are a sumptuous blend of cashmere and cotton. While dry cleaning is advised, they can be safely machine washed at 30 to 40 degrees Celsius. The Delicates or Hand-Washable setting is preferred to safeguard the fabric's integrity.

    Please remember to remove any collar stays before washing. After washing, allow the shirt to hang dry naturally and iron inside out while it's still slightly damp to help smooth any creases.

    With these guidelines, your Hawkins & Shepherd pieces can maintain their high quality and timeless appeal, becoming enduring staples in your wardrobe.

    Collar Pin Bars:

    Treat your Collar Pin Bars with the same care you would bestow upon your cherished jewellery. Always remember to remove them prior to washing the shirt they adorn.


    Our 100% Silk Ties are crafted from the most delicate fibres. Hence, we recommend professional dry cleaning for these items. Avoid ironing these items to preserve their texture and finish.