Our First Outdoor Advertising Campaign on the Streets of London

Hawkins & Shepherd Taxi

Hawkins and Shepherd have this week rolled out their latest social media campaign promoting their Collar Club shirt subscription service. Founder of the London-based E-tailor Carl Thompson has switched gears from digital marketing to outdoor advertising, enlisting body transformation phenomenon Gwilym Pugh as the face of the campaign. Hawkins and Shepherd will be branded on taxis around central London for 12 months and the campaign will coincide with a competition giveaway where one lucky entree will win a 100% Cashmere Coat which retails at £1,600.

For me running an OOH (out of home) campaign is unchartered waters, but I'm excited to be pushing the brand into a new demographic and I'm hoping people can have fun with the competition draw. Basically all you need to do is to take a photo of the taxi and tag #HawkinsAndShepherdTaxi on social media and you'll automatically enter the draw to win a 100% Cashmere Coat. Two taxis will be doing the rounds in central London for 12 months, they'll be like white whales! I'm hoping I'll see one myself, that will be surreal. - Carl Thompson 

Hawkins & Shepherd Shirt Subscription Service

Hawkins and Shepherd was founded in 2013 and boasts a portfolio of 100% British wool ready to wear suits, overcoats, accessories and a multitude of different shirts. The subscription service is broken down into three separate packages; The Enthusiast (one shirt a month), The Executive (one every two months), The Essential (one every quarter). 

"The Collar Club shirt subscription service is really the heart and soul of the business and emblematic for everything the brand stands for. High quality handmade products with exceptional customer care. And I couldn't think of a better person to be an ambassador for the campaign than Gwilym. The discipline and attitude he's shown in his journey so far is an inspiration for us all to do better." – Carl Thompson

Hawkins & Shepherd Shirts

Carl Thompson
Carl Thompson


Founder & CEO Pin Collar Shirts Ltd

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