David Gandy wearing Hawkins & Shepherd in Wellman Vitabiotics Advert

David Gandy is an advocate for exceptional quality British brands. From his role as an ambassador for the British Fashion Council at London Collections: Men to a large number of British fashion brands that he has offered advise, spoken highly about or worn their clothes.

I still recall the day I met David Gandy at an LCM mens fashion catwalk, where I explained Hawkins & Shepherd (well it was called Pin Collar Shirts back then), what we do and the space we were trying to fill in the mens shirt making market. I recall his love for British brands back then and his words "Good luck, it's a competitive market out there!". Boy was he right, it's not only the competition that is difficult, it's breaking into the wholesale markets, international markets, getting into independent stores, dealing with fraudulent online orders, returns...don't even get me started on how difficult it is to just speak to buyers of the department stores. 

Well as a company that is going from strength to strength and gaining more customers daily across the globe, I would still say we are not out of the danger zone just yet. Hawkins & Shepherd have just moved into the exciting world of selling exceptional Savile Row quality suits for a fraction of the price. We have also designed and tailored a limited edition 100% cashmere overcoat, all British fabrics and British designed, a collaboration between Hawkins & Shepherd and Calder London.

David Gandy in Wellman Vitabiotics Advert

David was interested in getting his hands on one of our Camel 100% Cashmere Coats, tailor-made for him in a double-breasted design. When David Gandy works with brands, you know they are handpicked for exceptional quality. As David is a wearer of our shirts, why not add a true investment piece the his wardrobe. These cashmere coats are exactly that, it will be something he'll have in his wardrobe for years to come; a classic style never to go out of fashion.

Watch David Gandy behind the scenes video of the Wellman Viabiotics advert here:

These Cashmere coats are limited edition with only enough British 100% cashmere fabric to make 20 of them. Order now in time to wear for Autumn.

Carl Thompson Founder Hawkins & Shepherd

Camel 100% Cashmere Coat

Available in Single or Double Breasted, order yours today here.


Carl Thompson
Carl Thompson


Founder & CEO Pin Collar Shirts Ltd

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