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A few months ago I was sitting in Elliott Wrights Essex pad discussing some styling options with him. Elliott and I are actually very similar in style, we are both over 30 and like to make an effort when going out. Gone are the days where we can just throw anything on and if it doesn't quite work, just call it vintage, laugh at yourself and party the night away.

Elliott has added pressure of having his look, personality and style scrutinised on a daily basis by the media and viewers of The Only Way Is Essex. TOWIE viewers are generally a younger crowd and Elliott being one of the older members of the current cast, has to appeal to both age ranges and I think he has nailed it wearing Hawkins & Shepherd for his evening look on The Only Way Is EssexMas.

For those of you who watched the Only Way Is Essex Christmas special on Wednesday night would have watched Elliott Wright and Chloe Sims patch up their rocky relationship and give it another here!




You can view the DailyMail article on the show here.

Carl Thompson
Carl Thompson


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