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"Now for something completely different and something I have never worn before; a pin collar shirt. You don’t see these shirts every day and so I’ll forgive you if you aren’t familiar with them. As the name suggests, they are shirts where the collar is held in place at the front with a steel pin." 

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Casual Pin Collar Shirt Navy Polka

Body Colour White with Navy Polka Dots
Body Pattern Polka
Collar Colour White with Navy Polka Dots
Fit Slim Fit
Collar Type Pin Collar Penny Curve
Cuff Double Buttoned with Curved Edges
Fabric Material 100% Cotton
Fabric Yarn Count 2/100s x 2/100s
Buttons Mother of Pearl
Embroidery Left Cuff in Orange
Collection 14/2


Carl Thompson
Carl Thompson


Founder & CEO Pin Collar Shirts Ltd

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