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Well hello! It’s been a while, I know.

It’s been a busy few weeks for me. As promised at the end of the last episode I have been rediscovering this great city of ours. However this has been squeezed between getting ready for our first press day, which took place on Tuesday.

‘Pin Collar Shirts Ltd’ (you can call us ‘Pin Collar Shirts’) was invited to Katch International’s press day in Soho. The event was hosted in club Cirque le Soir, just off Carnaby Street - a good chance to meet and greet the dreaded fashion press.

Being late October we went with a very British All Hallows’ Eve theme, complete with Clapham Common leaves, lager from the Meantime Brewery in Greenwich (www.meantimebrewing.com), sausage rolls and pork pies from Yorkshire’s Ginger Pig (www.thegingerpig.co.uk) and a PCS engraved pumpkin, carved by my very own steady hands.

Press days like this are a little like miniature expos, except without a million families traipsing through looking for free samples. Instead it’s fashion bloggers and editors, manufacturers, other designers and friends…traipsing through looking for free samples. For the most part it was a day of talking fashion, largely with people who talk fashion for a living.

When I wasn’t pressing the flesh and had a few minutes to spare I checked out some of the other designers (and one brewer) on display. My neighbours for the day, ‘See:Saw Clothing’, (see-sawclothing.co.uk) had a nice range of casual yet stylish street-wear. After that Karen K (www.karenboutique.com) literally gave me a look inside the strongest (and apparently comfiest) high heels on offer, though sadly I didn’t have time to try any on. As it was I only just had time to sample some of Harry Brompton’s London Ice Tea…and juuuust enough time to sample a second one. www.harrybromptons.com

Then it was back to my corner and back to talking shirts. I think the clothes world has it a little easier than politics; there weren’t really any probing questions and not a single curveball thrown at me all day. The clothes, on the other hand, were thoroughly interrogated. The bloggers and especially the other designers gave everything a thorough going over; picking, pulling and tugging at every square quarter inch of the shirts, ties and pocket squares. I’m very confident in the quality and design of our shirts. However it’s still gratifying to hear positive feedback from other people in the industry.

As at the BAFTAs I can’t start mentioning people, otherwise I’ll leave someone out…and scare away readers! However, just as the winner always thanks his or her agent, I will just say a huge thanks to the team at Katch @KatchLondon for putting on the day and having 'Pin Collar Shirts' along for the ride.





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Carl Thompson
Carl Thompson


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