London Fashion Week: Friday the 13th part 1

It’s fair to say that London is a fairly fashion conscious capital. This week, though, it’s official. The September edition of this year’s London Fashion Week is nearly here. Opening night is this Friday the 13th and I’ll be there front row, centre, for fellow British designer Pearce Fionda’s show.

Along with the New York, Paris and Milan shows, London Fashion Week is one of fashion’s ‘big four’. It’s often said in the run-up to these events that the catwalks will be glimpse of what people won’t be wearing this summer/autumn/winter or spring, as designers enjoy prodding the boundaries between modern art and wearable clothing. For my part at least I don’t imagine I’ll be down my local watching the World Cup in a short skirt, knee high boots and a chain mail singlet; I learnt that lesson in 2010!

For the most part, however, these shows are a good indication of what people will be wearing a few months from now. The suits of armour and Amazonian models dressed as Amazonian trees will grab a few news-bite headlines but the majority of the clothes on the catwalk will be a lot more high street/ office/ party ready, even if not all three.

Iconic international figures Tom Ford, Manolo Blahnik and L’Wren Scott all have shows, as do British designers done good, like Richard Niccol, Claire Barrow and Pearce Fionda.

Vivenne Westwood will, of course, be there and so will I. One of us will be modelling samples from Pin Collar’s casual range, the other dressed in short shorts and an electric blue corset. Check back here next week to find out which was which…

Carl Thompson
Carl Thompson


Founder & CEO Pin Collar Shirts Ltd

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