Our Shirts: The Creative Process

A great shirt says something about the person wearing it. It expresses an attitude and a take on life. A truly great shirt is a positive attitude in itself. That’s the only kind of shirt I want to be in.

As with all products, the Hawkins & Shepherd brand began its life as an idea - to design and build a classic yet contemporary, distinctive luxury shirt.

The inspiration and the shirt which followed was an amalgamation of the classic glamour of the 1920s merged with a more contemporary feel: a celebration of the past, rooted in the present, with an eye to the future.

We take our inspiration from the world around us. Thankfully for me that world is mostly London so I’m seldom short of ideas. At Hawkins & Shepherd we love giving a subtle new twist to a classic look: the besuited city gentleman is a British emblem to be respected…and then played with. We know the rules, now we’re twisting them.

I wanted a shirt with a fit-for-purpose collar, designed to take a collar pin and put a tie on display while still keeping its shape. This shirt would have stitching which hugged the edge and a bold (but not brazen) cuff which fits well around the wrist, leaving a watch on display. Mother of pearl buttons and a discretely embroidered motif helped complete the picture.

My imagination was carefully tailoring my dream shirt, all the while moving further away from ever finding it. Then the revelation: I would need to design and build this shirt myself. If I’m going to make one, I may as well make a few.

On the 6th of August 2013 PinCollarShirts.co.uk was born and its flagship, namesake product, our Pin Collar Shirt, was revealed to the world and here is an insight into our hand-crafted affordable luxury shirts:

The Pin Collar. It all begins with the collar. Our flagship product, the formal Pin Collar shirt, has a strong, bold collar, designed to frame, without obscuring, the face. It is constructed so as to take a collar pin without affecting the shape of the shirt. The collar has a soft, comfortable inner lining, giving comfort while presenting a sharper, crisper finish to the outside world.


The Yoke. The yoke is the fabric at the top which connects the shoulders. Along with your shoulders, it’s the hanger for your shirt. For a slim fit it should run from the corner of one armpit to the other and not a millimetre over. We cut the yoke at a slight angle to allow for ease of movement across the back. We’re generous people at Hawkins & Shepherd, so for the more relaxed, classic fit we give that millimetre back!


The cuffs. As with the collar, the cuffs are bold, without being loud. These also have a clean, crisp finish, belying a soft, comfortable inner lining.


Sleeves, front and back sections. Each of the dozen sections of the shirt is constructed individually before being assembled and hand sewn together.


Pattern matching. As a shirt is made up of at least a dozen component parts, an essential part of the process is matching the pattern or weaves to avoid clashes while assembling the different sections.


Our hand stitching runs extremely close to the edge of the shirt, adding a subtle, distinctive finish. Another barely perceptible touch which set you apart…and if you’re the only one who notices, that’s just enough!


The buttons. Very often over looked. We use the finest genuine Mother of Pearl buttons on all shirts as its the small details that count.


Our motif. As with all of our Premium Shirts, we embroider our unique motif as a stamp of quality.



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Carl Thompson
Carl Thompson


Founder & CEO Pin Collar Shirts Ltd

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