The Easter Episode

Happy Easter Pin Collar Shirts fans! Whether it’s marking the resurrection of Mr Christ, the arrival of spring and all things fertile or the invention of the crème egg, it’s always a welcome intermission.

This year Easter coincided with my sister’s birthday, so a trip home to see family in Kent was in order. As local tradition dictates, Health and Safety are always quickly discarded as a roaring barbecue and a high stakes game of cricket share the same back yard. For this year’s match Charlie was drafted in for the first time. While his fielding was energetic, it must be said his catching and batting left a lot to be desired.

Unlike that other Christ-based holiday there’s not quite the same obligation to wear novelty jumpers over Easter; every so often a renegade family member thinks bunny ears might be appropriate, but thankfully nobody else joins in this Spring-time lunacy and the moment quickly passes.

At the risk of sounding irreligious, the month and a half running up to and including Easter Sunday is in one way or another dominated by food. Contrary to Christmas, which largely just encourages us to gorge as much as possible, Easter asks that we take on board different treats on different days. The Shrove Tuesday requirement to feast on pancakes on is happily obeyed. The suggestion to then abstain from a chosen pleasure during Lent is then usually ignored (this year for me being a rare exception).

The shriving period is finished on Good Friday and its insistence on hot cross buns. Finally Easter Sunday arrives with a lunchtime’s worth of sacrificial roast lamb (or free-range nut-roast for the vegetarians), preceded, followed and accompanied by a steady stream of chocolate covered eggs, bunnies, chicks, frogs and Darth Vader masks…just as Jesus would have wanted.

Since my last blog, the sharper-eyed among you may have noticed a spring-clean of this website. Just between us I’m rather pleased with the new look. Perhaps this will become a new, healthier Easter tradition.  


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