A little Less for Lent

Welcome back to Pin Collar’s blog. Sorry I’m late, online traffic was murder!

Well Spring has sprung and Charlie* and I have been endeavouring to stick to our Lent resolutions. With two weeks to go I think we’re just going to get there. For the youngest Thompson this has meant a slight cutback on afternoon treats. For my part I’ve stuck with the traditional chocolate abstinence before making up for it over the Easter break. 

During this break between the more delicious dates on the Christian calendar Pin Collar Shirts opened up a new corner of the internet for the bargain hunters among you.

If spending up large was your Lentian vice to forgo, our new Sample Sale collection (here) might be just the thing to get you through the next fortnight. This is where we place items at the end of a season or which have just come off the end of a runway. Offers change daily so keep checking in: time it right you can save up to 75% off our hand-tailored shirts and accessories.

OK that’s enough advertising: Charlie’s starting to roll his eyes at me again.

If I don’t see you in the meantime have a great, chocolate and Hot X bun filled Easter!

*my French bulldog

Above: Our latest SALE items.



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