Oscar night - thank you and goodnight

…the winner iiiiiiiis…Charlie Thompson!

I’m trying to be gracious about it, but I really thought I had this sewn up (‘scuse the dreadful pun). Then at the last minute entry, Charlie, my French bulldog, comes in and steals the show.

Charlie’s posing aside, as I’m pretty sure you all know, those other awards were held last night. For all that the Oscars celebrate drama on film they're pretty poor at delivering it themselves. In the major categories, the bookies' favourites almost always seem to walk away with the little gold, bald men at the end of the night.  As you can see Charlie was here to accept Pin Collar’s award. As English isn't his first language I'll be saying a few words instead.

Obviously I’m not actually accepting any awards myself this evening. However, much like the other billion people supposedly watching, last night’s Academy Awards did get me thinking about how my own acceptance speech would go.

Now’s probably not the time to rattle off all the people I want to thank for helping me in this first year (I’ll save that speech for my one year anniversary – August 6th in case you’re wondering). Actors and singers rarely fail to mention their agents though and I would love to mention Stephanie Woollams and the incredible team at Katch International (http://www.katchinternational.com) who have done so much to help Pin Collar Shirts in its first few months. As much as I laugh about the fashion and PR world of air kisses and champagne, they have worked incredibly hard and been an enormous boon in this crazy new life I’ve embraced.

I have quickly come to realise that Public Relations is an absolute necessity for small start-ups, such as Pin Collar Shirts. Visibility in a crowded market can’t be over-stated and they are well versed in the dark arts of getting a new brand into the public conversation. In short, they are already tapped in to the world you’re just dipping a tentative toe into.

I don’t want this to turn into an advertorial (and, if this were the Oscars, the band would have started playing). However, as it just so happens, Katch have just launched a marketing programme specially tailored for small start-up companies. I speak for both Charlie and myself when I say we couldn’t recommend them more highly.  

Charlie accepting his Oscar

After a quick change and sleeves rolled up Charlie Thompson is ready for the Vanity Fair after party!




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Carl Thompson
Carl Thompson


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