The morning after, the year ahead


So that was 2013. Not the last 12 hours – they exist outside of normal time conventions, belonging to neither year. For that matter I’ll also use some creative accounting and put this hangover into last year’s column. Now, up and coffeed; time to look forward to 2014.

If Mangers, nativity plays and flying reindeer have me looking back to the year that was, like most other people, the week before Auld Lang Syne and a midnight kiss has me looking forward to the year that will be. What does 2014 hold in store for Pin Collar Shirts?  

This first thing inked into the diary is the London Collections: Men 2014 being held next week: This is the men’s fashion designers’ turn to showcase what their Autumn/Winter range for 2014 will be. Regular readers will have seen last week’s first musings on a brighter finish to this time next time next year. I’ll be interested to see if others have similar thoughts on adding colour to the grey season.

Once this is out of the way, it’s back to business. Of course, in this job that can mean plenty of different things. With a little luck one of the first things it means is supplying shirts to a Michelin starred Japanese restaurant. I’ll name drop soon enough, but, for this year at least, my lips are sealed.

In the medium term we have another photo-shoot to look forward to; this time for our lookbook and then, as a celebration of all things summer, our own roaring 20s party. No offense to January, but I’m really looking forward to the other ‘J’ months.

At some stage I will also be winging my way back to Hanoi, Vietnam for a quality control catch up with Van Hong and the good folk at the AXB factory.

I’m feeling optimistic about the year-to-be. By the time next Xmas rolls around I’ll be looking back on what has just begun as a fine, albeit unfinished vintage. 2014: a very good year. 

Below: looking into the future in 2014!



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Carl Thompson
Carl Thompson


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