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Who penned the commandment that once summer’s gone, bright primary colours have to be locked away for another year? That as the leaves curl up and brown, so Londoners must follow suit? Well I’m petitioning against it.

Brown and black are great ‘n all but there are other colours to be worn; bright shirts don’t have to be deciduous. Gun metal grey suits go well with a wintery London sky but they don’t mind being woken up with a reminder of the sunny season. Never mind calling everything the new black. ‘Brash’ is the new winter. Well, that was the idea behind our latest fashion shoot around Camden anyway.

The Pin Collar attitude is about celebrating classic English elegance with a contemporary twist. The Pin Collar shirt itself embodies this. We like clothes and outfits that say something about the person wearing them; that they know the rules but would like to flirt with them too. Men’s fashion can be individual and experimental, even in the office…no, especially in the office. That’s where a bit of sartorial alchemy is needed the most!

For this shoot we wanted to try a few things; dropping in a few vibrant colours, mixing and matching our bright new pocket squares and ties with the more toned-down traditional autumn/ winter palette. Some pink and purple, metallic green and electric blue, and, of course, a selection of our signature, formal Pin Collar shirts. Why ever not?

Get the look:

Get the look:

Get the look:




Styled by

Photographer by Sharmila Runa Green - Find her here!!

Modelled by Deigh Alex - Find him here!!


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Carl Thompson
Carl Thompson


Founder & CEO Pin Collar Shirts Ltd

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Sharmila Runa Green
Sharmila Runa Green

December 29, 2013

A very exciting collection which is versatile in its cuts and colours. I love the pin collar shirt and its styling the range can be played around with and look what we got!! The green with the blue ,the pink tie with the really works well done ..

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